Home Inspection Options in a Competitive Market

There are a few options when it comes to doing a home inspection. The more traditional route is to include a home inspection contingency in your offer, and have a home inspection completed after a seller has accepted your offer. In a competitive offer situation, you may want to do your home inspection before submitting your offer, so that you may submit an offer without an inspection contingency.

Pre-Offer Inspections

A pre-offer inspection is completed prior to submitting an offer, if you would like to do a pre-offer inspection time is of the essence in getting it scheduled. You may choose to attend the inspection or your agent may attend on your behalf. Some home inspectors offer to do a pre-offer inspection, without an inspection report for a reduced price. Others offer a limited pre-offer inspection of specific major components of the home. You also have the option to have a full home inspection with report provided. 

Inspection costs vary depending on the inspector, size of the home and type of inspection. A pre-offer inspection without a report is typically $250-$350. A pre-offer inspection with report is typically $300-$400 for a condo and $500-$600 for a non-condo.

Post-Offer Inspections

Type 1: Home Inspection contingency with the right to negotiate (Negotiable) 

Type 2: Home Inspection with the right to terminate (Terminatable) 

Inspection Type Negotiable Terminatable
A home inspector of buyer choice choice visits the home with the buyer(s) and completes an inspection
Inspector provides buyer(s) with a detailed report on the condition of the home
Buyer may choose to terminate the contract within the home inspection contingency period without penalty
Used for homes that are being sold “as-is” 🚫
Buyer may request repairs from the seller 🚫
Buyer may request a credit from the seller in lieu of repairs or (potentially) restructure the price 🚫
Buyer and seller must reach a mutual agreement on repairs or credits for the contract to proceed 🚫
By accepting a contract with this contingency the seller is taking on additional risk that they may need to pay for or make repairs 🚫
Recommended in a competitive offer situation (when buyer has decided not to do a pre-offer inspection) 🚫

Ready to Navigate Home Inspections Confidently?

Whether you choose a pre-offer inspection to strengthen your bid or prefer the traditional post-offer inspection, we're here to guide you.

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