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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Buyers Agent

Jessica Evans

For Jessica Evans, real estate is more than a job — it’s a way of life...

For Jessica Evans, real estate is more than a job — it’s a way of life...

May 1 6 minutes read

Hiring the right real estate agent when buying a home is critical! They will be your advocate during the negotiation process, your chief advisor when it comes to area and location, and a valuable resource for you as a homeowner long after your move is complete. A good buyers agent will make or break your homebuying experience and their assistance can truly be invaluable if you hire the right one.

Thankfully, you don’t have to leave this important decision to chance. And you shouldn’t!  These insider questions will give you all the information you need to ensure that your real estate agent is fully vetted and the best person possible to represent you during the buying and selling process. 

9 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

1. How active are you? 

Realtors can boast years of experience, but if they’ve only sold one or two houses per year, they may not be the best choice!

So rather than asking how long they’ve been selling real estate, consider asking how active they’ve been in your market. Market conditions are constantly changing and an agent who is active (ie. 1-2 transactions per month) will be up to date on what you need to know.

Not only does this question give you insight into their track record, it lets you know how familiar they are with your area. 

2. How much experience do you have with buyers in my situation?

Every buyer is different! But if your real estate agent works predominantly with young professionals, they may not have a beat on which school district is best or where the coolest parks are. 

Understanding which kind of buyer a real estate agent typically caters to can let you know if you’re in the best hands. 

3. Who will be my point of contact during this process? 

Have you ever purchased something from someone, only to find out that you’ll be dealing with their office rather than them once the sale is finalized? No fun, right? 

If you’ve made a connection with someone, you want them to stick around! 

While real estate agents with teams can be awesome, they can also cause confusion. So be sure to ask who your point of contact will be during the entire process to avoid any surprises. 

Pro Tip:  Record your conversations (with permission of course) or keep a dedicated notebook with the answers from each agent… That way you stay organized and remember who said what. 

4. What happens if you get sick or have to leave?

Your buying and selling process is extremely important and doesn’t stop just because your agent comes down with the flu or needs to head out of town. 

Experienced real estate agents have back-up plans in case life throws them a curveball. So it’s helpful to get the details of your potential agent’s plan before entering into an agreement. 


5. Do you have recommendations I can look at, and is okay if I contact a few of them? 

Testimonials on social media are great, but sometimes you want to talk with someone who has recently been through the process. 

Ask your potential agent if you can connect with a few of their testimonials to get the full scoop on what it’s like to work with them. 

Think about asking questions like… 

  • What do you wish you would’ve known going into this process? 

  • How responsive was your agent? 

  • Did you ever find yourself unclear or confused? If so, how well did the agent explain what was going on?  

6. How will you help me get my offer accepted?

You’ve found the PERFECT place… it has room for your entire family and even includes those gorgeous floors you’ve been eying on Pinterest! 

So, how does your real estate agent get your offer accepted? Do they have a signature negotiation move? Is their success rating nearly perfect? Now is the time to find these things out. 

7. What is your availability like? 

If you can only see homes on nights and weekends, and your real estate agent needs to be home with their kids during those times, you’ve run into a problem before the process even begins! 

Get clear on when you can expect your potential agent to answer emails, set up showings, and be responsive to ensure that their schedule works for you and your family. 

8. Do you have recommended service providers in the area? 

What happens if your dream house was once owned by someone who thought it’d be fun to paint each room a different (bright) color? 

Or if your new backyard is just perfect… minus the crack in the patio?

Working with a real estate agent who has recommended service providers in your area can remove the stress of hunting a trusted company down and make the entire process more smooth and enjoyable. 

9. What resources do you have for off-market or coming soon properties? 

Sometimes a simple status change is the only thing standing between you and your perfect home! Check with your potential agent to see if they have connections for off-marketing or coming soon properties. 

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