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5 DIY Tips to Create Your Perfect Summer Quarantine Oasis

Jessica Evans

For Jessica Evans, real estate is more than a job — it’s a way of life...

For Jessica Evans, real estate is more than a job — it’s a way of life...

Jun 15 5 minutes read

This summer is going to look a little different than others. As concerts get postponed, sporting events get canceled, and tourist hot spots shut down, you may be feeling a tad bit stir crazy. What's there to do while stuck at home? Well, if you're lucky enough to have a tiny square of patio to call your own, you'll probably want to spend a good bit of time outside. But even our outdoor spaces can start to wear thin after a while— what’s better than creating your perfect "home away from home" in the comfort of your own space! We've compiled 5 suggestions to help make your time “social distancing” as interesting – and perhaps even as productive – as possible.

1. Transform your outdoor area

For coffee in the morning, reading in the afternoon, and cocktails at night, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Whether you have a patio, deck, or apartment balcony, small changes can make a big impact. To begin, look down! Changing your deck tiles can add style and dimension instantly, and set the stage for the decor of your choice. After you're finished, add your seating! From rocking chairs to outdoor bean bags, get cozy outdoors, however, you'd like.

What you'll need: Deck tiles, a tape measure, and a jigsaw if needed.

2. Create a cozy reading nook

A space just for you, your imagination, and all of the wonderful characters your favorite authors have dreamt up. Creating a cozy and attractive spot like this can also benefit your mental health. This is always true, but perhaps even more so now that we're confined to our own homes. First, find the space. Any small area that's big enough for a plush chair and can yield some sort of privacy. The best area would be near natural light to boost your mood. Now, set the scene. This really depends on the person, since everyone will be comforted by something different. Some ideas include soft pillows or throws, string lights, and some candles. The goal is to create a place that you can spend hours relaxing and reading.

What you'll need: An oversized comfortable chair, soothing paint color or removable wallpaper, unscented candles, natural lighting, and throw pillows or blankets.

3. Upgrade your bedroom ceiling

How many times have you laid in bed, restless, wishing you were falling asleep under the tapestry of stars? With this easy DIY project, you can do just that. A little bit of wallpaper goes can go a long way and turn your bedroom into an oasis.

What you'll need: Constellation or star-themed removable wallpaper/glow in the dark ceiling stars, a ladder or step stool, and an X-ACTO knife or a rotary cutter to trim the excess wallpaper.

4. Create a vertical garden

The problem: You want to be a plant parent, but you don't have much space. The solution: Go vertical! It can be an easy afternoon project that adds life and color to your home. Vertical gardening is all the rage, especially when it allows you to bring nature indoors. For more design ideas click HERE

What you'll need: A metal grid, hanging planters, indoor or outdoor plants (even herbs!), and water.

5. Set up a squirrel-proof bird feeder

While many people like the idea of having a bird feeder to watch these friendly creatures visit every day for some grub, they also complain that squirrels often take over. Since you're buying bird food and looking for a peaceful experience, this can be a serious bummer. Don't give up, though! You can solve the issue by shopping smartly and positioning your feeder perfectly. The most important part of this project is finding the right place to hang your feeder. A deck, tree, or a spot right outside your window for great close-up views. That's it! A squirrel-fighting feeder works by closing the seed port to bigger animals, making sure your feathered friends are the only ones that can access the food. It can surround your space with nature and wildlife.

What you'll need: An anti-squirrel feeder, bird food, and hanging materials.

Take this time to enjoy something you love.

We know these times can be trying on us all, mentally and physically, so why not take advantage of this little bit of extra time and use it for something you enjoy?

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